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Thursday, March 8th


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About Jefferson Jazz Jammers

We are a bunch of central Virginia musicians who meet in Charlottesville on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month just to play Jazz together for the fun of it!

All musicians, from any background and any age and skill level, are welcome to attend. Any instrument is welcome, as well. (We are still looking for a Jazz Bagpipe player!) We are a real friendly bunch and there are usually 10 - 15 different musicians attending each session. We play a lot of jazz styles: a bit of Dixieland, a lot of standards, quite a few Latin numbers, and plenty of blues. Sometimes we just make something up on the spot.

It does not matter if you are a good music reader, because the emphasis is always on improvisation. We will always have a go at your particular favorites and even your own jazz compositions (assuming it's not a 2 hour suite for Chinese nose flute and triangle!).

So come along and join us, you can take a solo if you want to or just noodle away in the background. There is a new baby grand piano at The Independence in Charlottesville for the keyboard players and we usually have an amp and a couple of mikes for the singers out there. The Independence is real easy to get to with loads of free parking.

I hope to see you at a jam session soon.

Larry Simpkins (Clarinet)

Note: We generally use volumes 1 and 2 of "The Real Book" published by Hal Leonard. You can get these books locally at music stores such as Music & Arts or online from places like www.amazon.com or www.sheetmusicplus.com


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